Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fing'rs Edge Glue-On Nails

It never fails. Right before a special event I break a nail ridiculously short. And then I'm bummed because I can't do anything really pretty with my nails for said event. All my nails get clipped down short. And I look at them with disgust and wait impatiently for them to grow back.

Since I wanted my nails to look half way decent for a recent event, and the break was painfully low (smile line... ouch!) I knew I had a couple options. But as time was of the essence and money was short, I opted for a trip to the dollar store for some glue on nails. When I'm just home working and doing housework the broken and clipped so sadly short nails are not as big of a deal. But when I'm to be out and about, I want my nails to look nice. I used to think "Nobody ever really sees your nails anyway" but that was a LONG time ago, and before I found that yes I do in fact notice other women's nails and I myself have gotten numerous compliments on my nails from other women while I am out shopping. You think people don't notice your nails but they do. I'm sure not everyone notices them, but there is a surprising number of people who DO take notice. So I do try to make sure my nails are presentable when I will be mingling with others.

The dollar store did not have many fake nails to choose from. But they did have two packs that I thought were cute and I couldn't pick just one set so I got them both. They are from the brand Fing'rs Edge. Today I will show you the first set I decided to wear. Once I use the second set, I'll share a picture of those as well.

The nails do NOT come with nail glue, you have to buy that separately. To apply them you start as you would with any manicure - remove any old polish and make sure your nails are clean and dry. Then you lightly buff your nails to remove the natural shine, apply a thin layer of nail glue to your nails and let it dry. Then you apply a thin layer of nail glue to the back of the fake nails, press them on and hold for a few seconds till the glue has dried and voila - all done. 

Fing'rs Edge says their nails will provide you with "up to 10 days of wear". In my opinion, they're only going to last that long if you do absolutely nothing all day every day. But if you type a lot, clean, have kids or pets to take care of, cook or any of that good old normal day to day stuff, you'll be lucky to get five or six days of wear from them. The second day after I applied these one popped off. I cleaned my nail and put it back on. Other than that these lasted for 3 days before they started coming loose and popping off whenever my nails would snag or bump something. By the end of day 4, they were all gone.

But I can't fault them for that. Does anyone ever really expect glue-on nails to last more than a couple days at most? Because I know I don't. 

I loved the design on these nails - very cute and simple but still fun. My only real complaint is they are SO short. The smallest nails in the box fit my pinky fingers pretty perfectly, except that the length of them was barely longer than the broken nail. (Yep, it was my pinky finger that decided it was to be essentially nail-less with such a short break. *sigh*) The fake nail was only about 1/32 of an inch longer than my natural nail where the break was. The other nails, in comparison, were a bit longer. (Except the larger nails that fit my thumbs, they were also shorter in comparison.) These were so short that I had to go back and clip some of my nails even further down than I had already clipped them so that I could wear these. Not crazy about that.

That said, I think these are a good length for those who just don't like longer nails. They seem an ideal length to give you just enough nail length to have some pretty art on them yet they are very "usable". Some fake nails can be so long it makes doing some simple tasks difficult - but that would not be an issue with these nails. So if you need some glue-on nails for a weekend or some other occasion which you will only want to wear the nails for a couple days, but you don't handle longer lengths well, these may be an ideal solution for you.

Fing'rs Edge has all "funky" designs on their nails - if you're looking for a basic french manicured fake nail, you won't find it in the Fing'rs Edge line-up of products. There are some that are a bit less bold but as a whole, their line-up is for those who want fun, funky nails. 

I doubt I'd ever pay the typical drugstore prices for these; I've seen them at various stores for between $5-$8 a pack. But from the dollar store where they are only about $2-$3 a pack? If it's a nail emergency situation, definitely worth it. 

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