Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zoya Color Spoons

Earlier this year Zoya introduced their new Color Spoons. Color Spoons are little plastic spoons (surprising eh? lol) that have actual nail polish on them. You can purchase them for fifty cents (USD) a piece, and they will ship for free. This way, you can "sample" any of Zoya's nail colors before purchasing a bottle so you can see the color and find out if you really like it or not. And the best part? Whenever you order Color Spoons the amount you spend on them is credited toward your next nail polish purchase. So if you were to buy $4 worth of Color Spoons, you would have a $4 credit for your next purchase of a full-sized bottle of any color of Zoya nail color. Pretty cool, huh? 

Especially given that Zoya is a bit pricey at $8 a bottle, it's GREAT to be able to try the colors before actually buying a bottle. I have been intrigued by the Touch collection but couldn't figure out which of the three shades would work for me. I looked at numerous swatches, and I was left with a different feeling from each person's swatches. I had no idea what may work for me or what I should pass on. 

I got my first Color Spoons order today (except for one color which was back ordered but it should arrive soon too!) and now I finally know for certain which color from the Touch collection I want and will love. I can also cross a couple colors off my wish list because now I know that they don't quite look like I thought they would based on swatches. Color Spoons? Fabulous idea, truly! 

If you're like me you could be skeptical how accurate the Color Spoons really are. (I'm a pessimist, what can I say?) So I bought a Color Spoon for one of the colors I already own so I could compare. Yep. Pretty darned accurate. =)

Each of the Color Spoons is labeled with which color is on the spoon, and they each also have a little hole in the opposite end so you could slip these onto a large split ring or a length of thread or something for storage. (Or just keep them in the super cute little packages they come in.) Why keep them? Well... you may not want to but I intend to keep mine merely because with so many colors sometimes I can't remember what I've used in the past and whether or not I liked it. With the spoons there will never be any doubt, keep the spoons of colors you love separate from the spoons of colors you weren't so crazy about and if you're ever having a "Did I want this or not?" moment, you can just check out your collection of Color Spoons and know for sure. (I'm an odd one sometimes I know. lol) 

Have you ordered any Color Spoons yet? What do you think of the idea? I'm rather fond of it as you can see. Wouldn't it be great if more companies offered this sort of thing?

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