Friday, July 29, 2011

Swatch - NYC "Starry Silver"

I spotted this polish by pure chance the other day when I was looking for something else in the cosmetics aisle. Someone had put it on a random shelf, and I saw it and had to have it. =)
I forgot to keep the bottle with me when I took the picture. Sorry. (And as you can see I broke a nail again, trying to open a toy I bought for my oldest niece on her last visit. *sigh*) 
Anyway, this is 3 coats of NYC's "Starry Silver" from their Long Wearing Nail Enamel line. It's a clear base loaded with silver/holo micro glitter and small blue and light purple hex glitter. The silver glitter distributes evenly while the hex glitter (true to the nature of such glitters) is more sporadic so some nails will have more glitter than others and it will not be placed evenly on the nail. I don't mind this one bit but if you are more particular about how glitters are placed you may not like it so much unless you are willing to take the time to work with it a bit to get more precise glitter placement. The polish dries in a snap, I was amazed and actually checked the bottle to see if it was from the quick dry line. It dries matte but it has "shine" from all the glitter. It does leave a slightly gritty feel to the nails so a coat or two of top coat will be necessary to leave your nails smooth if you don't like the grittiness.

I think this would be fabulous with one coat layered over a nice navy creme polish, or black. (Pretty much anything looks great layered over black in my opinion though.) Definitely a great polish for glitter fans. =)

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