Monday, July 11, 2011

Previous NOTD's

These are all from my time without internet access. I did my nails more than usual then - I was bored. lol

Pure Ice "Calypso" + Color Club "Art Of Seduction" on tips (intentionally wavy/imperfect tips) & some white/iridescent star sprinkles

Eyeko "Rain" + China Glaze "Spin Me Round" on tips

This is a couple frankens sponged and topped with Pure Ice "Cheatin" - excuse the condition of this one, I did not take the picture until after several days of wear.

PS - I am aware of an issue with many of the older posts prior to switching over to this new layout not working properly when you try to navigate by means of the tags. I'm trying to figure out what happened because this was not a problem when I was testing the new layout but once it went live obviously something went wrong. No changes were made to the coding so I don't know what happened but right now it looks like I will have to go in and manually edit each post so that they will work properly with this layout. Which, with a couple hundred posts, is going to take me a while. But just know I am aware of the problem and am working to fix it.

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