Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crackle At Long Last!

I *finally* got my hands on a couple crackle polishes recently. I love the look of crackle polish but haven't owned any since the early 90's. And the ones I remember using back then (CoverGirl) were not the best... but then again I didn't know as much about nail polish then as I do now so maybe it was pure user incompetence but regardless I still loved the stuff back then and still love it now. 

I finally found a display of the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat; only four shades were left but I could only afford to get two of them. I ended up deciding on Antiqued Gold and Vintage Violet.

My oldest niece is visiting and she asked me to use the crackle polish on her.

Vintage Violet was applied over Finger Paints Psychedelic Pop and Antiqued Gold was applied over the green polish from the ACT Pop Polish set.

And of course I had to use it myself right away.

Antiqued Gold over Revlon Cherry Crush.

The formula for both colors is a bit thick and it seems they could both benefit from a couple drops of thinner. You get the best crackle effect if the crackle polish is applied thinly and with thick polish that's a nearly impossible thing to manage. Pair the thickness with the fact that you also have to work quickly for the best results - this is tricky to work with. It's like a matte polish in regards to how quickly you have to apply it or else you'll pull the polish off your nail if you try to paint another stroke and the polish from your last stroke is already setting and partially dry. It would be a non-issue if the polish wasn't thick. These also dry matte and need a good top coat for shine.

I encountered another problem with Vintage Violet. When I got it home and excitedly opened it up, I discovered the brush is messed up. The bristles are clumped together and in a curved shape. This makes applying it just that much more difficult. I am 99% sure I have an almost-empty bottle of clear polish in my stash somewhere, I intend to seek it out and pop it's brush onto the Vintage Violet bottle. 

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