Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been working on getting a new look set up for this blog once all necessary changes have been made to turn this into a group blog. I tried out numerous options on my test blog before finally settling on a look that is clean and simple. I thought I would share a screenshot of (about) what it would look like once everything comes together. 

A - This is the area where the 12 most recent posts are displayed. Posts are shown as thumbnails of an image included in the post; you simply click the thumbnail of the post you want to read.

B - In this section will be links to each author's bio/about me page or their Blogger profile (their choice).

C - Categories for the blog will be here in the form of a tag cloud. If you're looking for something in a specific category clicking the desired tag here will help make finding what you're looking for fast and easy. 

D - This section will contain subscription links (Google Friend Connect), my affiliate links and the Blog Roll.

I may make some tweaks to the layout when the time comes to change things up, but that's basically what it will be. It gives a general idea, at least. 

I am still accepting surveys/applications to author - check out my last post for the deets in case you missed it. =)

PS - I will likely be rolling out the new look by the end of this week despite not having all the co-authors I'd like to just yet.  Hope y'all are ready! =D

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