Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poll Results

Well folks, the poll is closed and the votes are in. The majority of you feel that this blog becoming a group blog with multiple authors would be a GOOD thing! With so much going on in my personal life this year, I honestly have to say that I agree this would be a good change to make. Between medical issues, important events, major changes in numerous aspects of my life, this blog really takes a back seat to everything else. I don't like leaving the blog untouched for such long periods of time - it feels like I'm somehow cheating my readers by not consistently providing new content. 

It will take some time to make all the necessary changes to turn this into a group blog - I can't say when exactly all the changes will happen but it is now official: in the near future, The Nail Polish Addict will be a group blog! Those of you who voted that you would NOT like to see this change happen, I apologize if the impending changes mean this will no longer be a blog you can enjoy reading. I hope that you can at least understand my view and reasoning for wanting to make these changes. I truly appreciate your interest in this blog, and I do hope that once the changes are made you will find that you can still enjoy visiting. 

Of course the most important, and likely most time consuming aspect of these changes will be finding the right ladies to join the blog as authors. Mellie of LMFAO Beauty will be joining the crew; the other new authors are yet to be selected. There will be more details posted soon as things develop.

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