Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking For Authors

OK ladies! As most of you are probably aware, I'm in the process of turning this into a group blog. What that means for YOU guys is more consistent posts and ideas, tips, inspiration and more from multiple sources. However, a couple of my girls who had been in on my plans when I initially started talking to them about making this a group blog have since backed out. (No worries though girls, you know I still ♥ you forever!) 

Now, I do not have too many friends who are as into beauty as I am; so when those ladies decided ultimately that taking on co-authoring this blog would not fit into their schedules it left me with but one option in seeking out the last couple of authors. (Do you see what's coming? Do you?!) 

Yes, readers... this is your chance to take part in The Nail Polish Addict as authors! 

There are 3 spots open. I will be accepting "applications" of up to 25 people to select the new co-authors. There ARE some ground rules here though. If you are interested in authoring here, you MUST agree to the following, and in filling out the survey below you are agreeing to my rules.

1. This is strictly a beauty blog! Posts will be kept within this area of discussion. Please save anything you may want to say regarding any controversial or personal matters for your own personal blogs or private conversations with your friends.

2. There will be absolutely NO hateful content posted. 

3. Each author will have a page with their "About Me" information where you can write up a short bio if you like. This page will also be the place for you to place any affiliate links or banners (please keep them beauty related!) you may wish to share with readers. 

4. Always keep your reviews and thoughts on products HONEST. Nobody loves every product they purchase. If you wish to only post reviews for the things you love and not for things you weren't so crazy about that's fine but please mention in your bio that this will be your policy for posting any reviews so that readers don't question why your reviews are always good ones. 

5. You have to be good with a camera. You don't have to be a professional or anything but you have to be able to take clear, color-accurate pictures of your products/NOTD/EOTD/etc. Blurry pictures with colors that are off don't help anybody. 

6. Don't over-promote any one brand/product for any reason. Whether you're promoting because you're an affiliate or being compensated in some other way, or if you truly do love the product... frequent posting about it is not ok. Think about how you feel and what goes through your mind when you come across a blog that really pushes certain products because of affiliate programs. Chances are it totally turns you off of the blog, right? So, as an author, don't subject your readers to that sort of thing.

If you break any of the rules you will get ONE warning, any offending posts will be removed. Break the rules twice and authorship will be permanently revoked.

If you can agree to all this and are interested in becoming a co-author of The Nail Polish Addict, please fill out the survey/application by clicking HERE. Everyone is welcome to fill it out - you do not have to be a professional cosmetologist or have a blog of your own. Just remember only 25 applications will be accepted and only 3 authors from those 25 applicants will be selected. 

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

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