Monday, March 14, 2011

Swatches: Wet N Wild

I recently picked up these two shades from Wet N Wild. I just could not resist them. 

First is Gray's Anatomy

Indoors, natural light, no flash

This is my new favorite polish. It's pictured at three coats. As you can see it is sheer, but I still quite like it a lot. Depending on the angle and lighting I've seen this polish take on varying shades of gray, blue, pink, purple and green. Words just can't describe it and photos do not do it justice. My only wish is that it were a tad more opaque.

I attempted to capture more of the pretty flashes of color from this one but was not very successful. But hopefully these will help give you some idea what this polish is like. You really need to see this one in person to truly appreciate it, though.

First two pics are without flash, last one is with flash; all are indoors in natural light

And the other one I picked up is Party Of Five Glitters. I'll admit... I kinda only wanted it for the name. LOL I grabbed the last bottle from the shelf without a second thought when I saw the name, and I did not even look closely at it till I got it home. (Yep, I was an avid fan of Party Of Five when I was younger. You'd have never guessed would you?) 

indoors, natural light with flash

I've got it pictured at two coats over top of Gray's Anatomy. This one is a clear base with small, medium and large hex glitter in (can you guess?) five colors: red, green, silver, blue and purple. The glitter is sparse and doesn't apply very evenly; it requires quite a bit of work to get somewhat even distribution of the glitter on your nails. Makes me wish the glitter were a bit more dense so it would apply more evenly. But regardless I like it. (Because I love all things glitter.) The red and green glitter seem to stand out most and makes the polish feel quite Christmas-y to me. Not the best glitter polish I've ever used, but not the worst either. 

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