Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara & Black Graffiti Liner

Eyeko was kind enough to send me a Big Eyes mascara and black Graffiti eye liner to review. Both these items had been on my wish list for some time, so of course I was thrilled to have a chance to try them out! 

Up first - the Graffiti liner.

As I mentioned when I reviewed the Purple Graffiti Liner Pen, these liners have a fine, felt tip applicator. I LOVE these because they do not fray and they make it easy to apply thick or thin lines. The liner dries quickly, so you do have to be precise when you apply it. Like the Purple, this is buildable which is something else I love about it. One layer is plenty dark enough for me (very fair complexion) but should it not be dark enough for you just give it a couple seconds to dry (literally a couple seconds - I count to 5 and it's completely dry) and then just apply another layer and it's absolutely jet black! 

(Just an example of thin vs. thick lines - I did not layer any of these lines to make them darker)

I like the staying power this has - it definitely lasts all day and night with no need to touch-up. And the best part is that even with the great staying power - it washes easily away and leaves NO residue behind. One of my biggest complaints about eye liner is that it can be so difficult to remove. Not the case with this one. Big fat A+ in my book! 

And now, Big Eyes Mascara!

First of all, I adore the packaging. One of the things you can always expect from Eyeko is adorable packaging! But really, a soft squeeze tube mascara? It's brilliant. Traditional mascara packaging has always made me wonder just how much product is left stuck to the sides of the tube. Not really seeing that as an issue with this packaging. 

The brush is more along the lines of a traditional mascara that what has become more common among other brands. (You know... evenly spaced rows of about a thousand little bitty bristles, or spiky silicone bristles.) At first I wasn't sure I was going to like the wand; honestly I looked at it and thought "No way this will work". But I was pleasantly surprised and the application was among the best I've had from any mascara. Not THE best, but top 3 material for sure! 

I had to force myself to break a habit with this though. I know most ladies just open their mascara and apply. No in-between steps. So. I had to do that myself to get a feel for how most others would use this and the results they could expect. I didn't care for the application this way - my lashes clumped a bit. Not a lot - it didn't leave me with spidery lashes. But there was a little more clumping than I was happy with and I felt it was just too heavy on my lashes. To be fair that is how I feel about almost every mascara I have ever used. Hence the following trick I use which I remember Cindy Crawford shared on Oprah about... I don't even want to think how many years ago. (Is my age showing?!) Granted at the time I was too young for makeup but this tip stuck with me and once I was allowed to wear makeup I made use of it and I've been so happy with the results. 

First this is what the wand looks like straight from the tube, without any sort of wiping off excess mascara:

I take a tissue and fold it in half and then hold it around the wand of the mascara just under where the bristles begin. 

Then I just ever so slightly squeeze the tissue as I slide the mascara wand downward. It removes the excess mascara from the wand...

After I cleaned off the excess mascara this way and applied I was MUCH happier with the results! This was nice and lengthening and added a touch of volume to my lashes and zero clumping. This mascara lasted all day without smudging or flaking and it didn't leave my lashes feeling stiff. When removed just with face wash it mostly washed away but there was a little residue left behind. Eye makeup remover followed by face wash led to perfectly cleaned lashes with no residue. Like eye liner an issue I have with many mascaras is they're just too difficult to remove so I was happy that this was easy to remove at the end of the day. 

Overall I am super happy with both products and definitely would buy them in the future. Speaking solely for the mascara, that says a lot coming from me as I do not typically care for black mascaras and I rarely stray from my beloved Just For Redheads. I do like Big Eyes a lot though. I think if Eyeko introduced more colors - a couple shades of brown and some ginger tones for us redheads of the world - I'd definitely buy them!

And of course - remember ladies, when you shop you can use Ambassador code E11100 for a free gift with purchases over £15/€18/$20  ♥

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