Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Powder & Blush

 A while back I picked up a powder and blush from the new Physician's Formula Happy Booster line. 

(All pictures are outdoors in shade with no flash)

First up, the blush. The shade I chose is "Natural". 
This is a really pretty soft pink shimmery blush. It's well pigmented and has a very smooth, silky texture.

And for the powder I chose Translucent. (No point in swatching this one... obviously. lol)

This one also has a silky smooth texture.

Both products have a soft, violet scent to them that I LOVE! It dissipates pretty quickly after applying but it's still a nice touch when you're applying them. (I love violet scented things though so... could just be me.) The powder is shimmery also though so I use it as a highlighter. I wish it were matte so that I could use it for a finishing powder. Just my personal preferences that this has too much shimmer to be a finishing powder but I know some others who love using this as finishing powder. If I were about ten years younger I'd definitely be using this as a finishing powder, but these days I like to keep the shimmer to a minimum and usually it's only my eye shadows or lippies. 

Overall though I quite like both products - they're pricey for drugstore cosmetics IMHO, but Physician's Formula has always been on the higher end of drugstore brands. 

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