Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jafra Cosmetics

Not too long ago I won some Jafra goodies through a contest that Blogs By Latinas had on Twitter. I'd never even heard of Jafra prior to the contest so I was super excited that I would get to try some products from a brand that was new to me. Check out the awesome prize pack that Jafra sent me:

The Beauty Book is a nice catalog of products as well as a great showcase of looks that can be achieved with their products and some tips and advice. The products that I received were:

Makeup Remover For Eyes And Lips
Eye Pencil in Black
Lash Maximizing Mascara in Black
Powder Eye Shadow Trio in Blue Jewels
Automatic Lip Liner in Fire Red
Full Coverage Lipstick in Very Cherry
Nail Lacquer in Burgundy
Oil Controlling Makeup SPF 15 in Bisque
Pressed Powder in Medium
Powder Blush in Perfect Glow

Of course since I am pale as can be, the foundation and powder are too dark for me. I'm giving those to a friend who can use them so no worries there. A bit of the eye shadow broke in transit so there was blue powder all over the compact of eye shadow but it was not a major break, not a big deal there either. The blush is really pretty but I've not used it yet, I only swatched it. Based on the swatch it is very well pigmented and nice and silky. Looking forward to giving it a proper try and seeing what I think of it.

The blush:

The lip colors are not what I'd have picked out for myself but I actually like them. I think the lipstick is too dark for me (probably in part because I don't usually wear lipstick and when I do it is a sheer, soft shade) but if I lightly dab it on it ends up being a PERFECT "my lips but better" shade for me and I love to wear it. If I apply it straight from the tube it's a deep, dark cherry red shade. The lip liner is a very bright red and I wasn't sure I'd like it at all but I actually really do like it a lot and kinda would not mind owning a matching shade of lipstick to go with it! 
The eye shadows are not the most pigmented and not quite as silky as they could be but they're not too bad. They blend well. The eye liner is ok. Not the smoothest application possible but it's workable. Nice an opaque in the swatch but doesn't apply quite as dark; it has a softness to it that I like. The mascara I've not yet used - it will be a while before I give it a try as I just got a new mascara and I don't like having multiple tubes of mascara open at once. Once one of the two tubes I have open right now is ready to be tossed I'll give this one a try though. 

Left to right: lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner:

The eye shadow:

The nail polish is a beautiful, dark, vampy burgundy/wine shimmer shade. One coat was a little streaky but a second coat evened it out and made it perfectly opaque. It's a little darker on the nails than it is in the bottle. The brush could be better, it's a little thin and the bristles are flat across the top. I like the bristles that are cut with a convex curve to them, I feel like it's easier to get precise application. The formula is a little on the thin side but it's not too bad. Dry time was average.

The makeup remover is great - works very well and quickly removes lippies and eye shadow. Required a little bit of work to remove eye liner (Eyeko Graffiti liner) and mascara (Maybelline Falsies) but it did do a great job. I love that it can be used to remove eye AND lip makeup - nothing like a multi-tasker!

Overall, really happy with all these prizes. I'd definitely purchase from Jafra in the future.  You can check out their products at

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