Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish Remover

Last week I recieved a bottle of Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish Remover to try out and review. (In case you missed it I also had the opportunity to try a couple of their nail polishes.) Like the nail polishes, the remover is enriched with ingredients that can help improve the condition of your nails over time. You can find all the information you will need about the ingredients on the Dr.'s Remedy web at

First impressions: This comes in a small (2 oz.) glass bottle. As compared to a typical remover that you'd pick up at the store this is a very small amount of remover.My first thought was that I can probably go through this bottle very quickly.

I've used this about five times now since I got it and so far I'm pretty impressed. (I've done my nails more often than usual to try out a couple new polishes as well as give this remover a thorough test.) There is no strong odor to this as there is with typical nail polish removers. It still smells like a nail polish remover straight from the bottle of course it just is not a strong smell.  On your nails, it has a light, pleasant fragrance to it from the tea tree oil. It seems to be gentle while still doing it's job well. It hasn't dried my cuticles and skin around my nails at all. It works just about as well as any standard polish remover I've ever used. It requires a little extra time over other removers, but I don't mind that at all. I've also found that while this is a small bottle, a little product goes a long way. With some other traditional removers I've used, I've felt like I really had to saturate the cotton pads with them for them to work. But that's not the case with Dr.'s Remedy. I put the pad over the top of the bottle, turn it upside down then immediately flip it back over and that little bit of remover is enough for - depending on the nail polish (dark vs. light shade, number of coats, glitter vs. no glitter etc.) - 3 to 5 nails to be cleaned thoroughly. When I use a couple coats of darker colors, several coats of lighter colors or glittery polishes, I need a bit more remover to get my nails cleaned up well. I'm still working my way through the bottle a bit quickly but to be fair I go through any remover quickly. It'd be great to have a larger size available than the 2 oz. bottles, I think. But the 2 oz. bottle would certainly be sufficient for those who paint their nails less frequently.

Edited to add price: The remover is just $5 a bottle - a really great price for this product in my opinion! It's a little more expensive than the remover I usually buy but certainly nothing that's out of even my budget. It is worth checking out for those looking for safer alternatives to traditional nail care products. It works well and I really like it a lot and would definitely recommend it.

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