Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amuse Diamond Palette Swatches & Review

As far as the review part of this goes, my thoughts on this palette are about the same as for the 96 Eye Shadow Kit. All the colors are shimmery, some more so than others. Some mattes would have been nice, but it's not too bad. The glitter cream eye shadows are ok but I'd never use them as cream eye shadows - I dab a small bit on the outer corner of my eyes when I use them just to add a touch of glitter to a look. I'm not sure how well they would hold up as eye shadow, they seem like even with primer they would crease quickly. They stay "wet" after applying them. The blush is really pretty, it's a gorgeous soft pink pearl that gives a dewy look. Very well pigmented so you only need a tiny bit of it on your brush for both cheeks. One of the colors (I'll make note of which one on the swatches below) was disappointing in that when I first got the palette it appeared to be one color, but once I actually used it it was a completely different color - like it had a thin layer of that other color on top.

I have not looked at the colors closely enough to see for certain but I think there are a few colors that are the same as in the 96 Eye Shadow Kit. It's just too many colors for me to look at and be able to discern if they are all different or if there's some overlap between the two palettes. 

Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm not sure how necessary it is to have both the Diamond palette and the 96 Eye Shadow Kit - especially if you already have similar palettes. But I like having both of them. Would recommend to those who want a palette of multiple colors without taking up a lot of space. As with the 96 Eye Shadow Kit the colors are somewhat soft and subdued with a few exceptions, so not for those who want a palette full of very bold, vibrant colors.

Swatches: All swatches are shown indoors with flash, no primer was applied first. The colors are in the same order as in the palette from top to bottom except the last set with the blush and cream glitters, those are in order from left to right. 


 This is the set with the color I mentioned that is completely different than how it initially looked in the palette. The 4th color down. See how in the palette (this picture of the palette is from prior to any use) it's a pretty soft greyed blue? It's actually a muted, greyed out dark green (and not a very well pigmented one at that.) 

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