Monday, February 28, 2011

NYX Candy Glitter Eye Liners

These were among the things I ordered from Cherry Culture at the end of December. I still have a few more products from that order that I need to post about. Things are still a little crazy right now and I have a lot on my plate, but I'm doing my best to post as much as possible. 

From left to right: Jade, Lavender, Baby Pink and Disco Queen

Jade, Lavender indoors with flash

Jade, Lavender outdoors, shade, no flash

Jade is a clear base with green glitter. It is most often a beautiful emerald green color but in the shade it takes on a very teal hue. Lavender is a slightly purple clear base with blue, lilac and iridescent glitter.

Baby Pink, Disco Queen indoors with flash

Baby Pink, Disco Queen outdoors, shade, no flash

Baby Pink is a slightly pink clear base with soft pink and iridescent glitter. Disco Queen is a clear base with black, purple, green, gold and silver glitter.

I love these liners. Anyone who is a fan of glitter and wants a fast, easy way to add some sparkle to their makeup would probably love these as well. They stay wet for a while and are a bit slow to dry, so those with hooded eyelids might not care for these, unless you have the patience to keep your eyes closed for several minutes to let them dry. The glitter stays put and doesn't end up all over your face as the day goes on yet it washes easily away at the end of the night with no glitter leftover. 

Baby Pink is probably my favorite - I apply a thin line as my only eye liner on days when I've done natural makeup but want just a hint of sparkle. I like to wear Jade alone as well. Lavender is ok on it's own though sometimes the flecks of blue glitter can make it appear "broken" and doesn't quite look right to me because of that. Disco Queen is, in my opinion, best layered over a regular black liner. They all look fantastic layered over black liner but really that is when Disco Queen is the absolute best. Lavender would probably look great over a deep blue or purple liner. I haven't played with layering except over black but these would definitely be fun to layer. 

You can apply thin or thick lines and I like that it's easy to apply a small amount in one thin layer for subtle sparkle or you can layer it on for a bolder, extra sparkly look. 

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