Friday, January 7, 2011

A Glimpse Of Things To Come

Well as I said in a previous post, 2011 is going to be a year of CT for me and so that means hopefully I will manage to use up some products throughout the year. My last purchase of 2010 was a Cherry Culture haul, which was a Christmas gift to me from my mom. It arrived last week and I've been playing with everything every day since. I need a little time to properly try everything out so I can review everything and get swatches up. It's going to take me quite a while as I was able to get quite a few products. Here are pictures of everything that I ordered. =)

NYX Candy Glitter eye liners in Jade, Lavender, Baby Pink and Disco Queen

L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick in Promise and True Love

Amuse Stain Lipstick & Gloss Duo in SLD-8

Amuse Fan Powder Brush

Amuse 96 Eyeshadow Kit

Amuse Diamond Makeup Kit

Whew! Yes that's everything. To some this may be a small purchase to call it a haul but for me this was a huge purchase; I almost never buy more than two or three things at once tops. 

With the two palettes, I am definitely going to have to break down the swatches into smaller groups (ie multiple posts) instead of putting everything into one big post. Right off the bat what I can tell you about this order is: none of the lipsticks are what I expected. The swatches on Cherry Culture look NOTHING like what the colors actually are... and that's never a good thing. I'll find ways to make them work but had I known what they really looked like I would not have purchased them. The brush is adorable. The glitter liners are fantastic. And the palettes are very nice too. But all these items will be given more in-depth reviews over the next few weeks, this is just kind of a sneak peek at what I have to deal with at the moment. I won't lie - with all the eye shadows I feel like I'm in way over my head right now. lol 

I'm going to be trying to get my stash organized over the next few weeks as well, to hopefully make CT a little easier. I certainly have more than enough cosmetics to get me through the year. Shoot this Cherry Culture purchase alone could have me covered! :p My hope is with everything organized I can easily look at exactly how much I have any time the urge to buy something strikes, and have a visual reminder that I've got plenty already and really do not need more!

I hope so far 2011 is wonderful for everyone, and anyone else who's going CT (whether short term or long term) I wish you luck with it. It sure is hard with all the pretty new things constantly being released!

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