Monday, January 24, 2011

Amuse 96 Eyeshadow Kit Swatches: Part 1

First of all sorry for the delay in getting more posts up. Life happens, you know? I think I finally got everything that needed to be swatched taken care of tonight. I apologize that everything's been pictured indoors with the flash, but it IS Winter and here that means cold, snow and clouds. I was trying to wait for a day with more natural light but that hasn't been happening much and the forecast looks like it's to be more of the same for the next couple of weeks. So I finally decided that this will simply have to do. It's better than no swatches at all, isn't it? 

Because I had so much to swatch, I have swatched everything over bare skin. I also just swiped the colors with my fingers. I usually prefer to use a brush to swatch, as I feel it gives a truer representation of how the colors will apply. (Not to mention my perpetual fear of creating a film over the top of the products from the natural oils in my skin... but that's a completely different story. lol) But again, with so many colors to swatch it was faster this way. 

For now, I am just posting the swatches. I will do an over-all review of the palette once all the swatches have been posted, so if you are curious what I think of this palette be sure to check back soon for the final post on this particular product to find out what I think about it. =)

In the same order as in the palette (all swatches are shown in the same order as in the palette) - as you can see the softest pastel green is a bit pointless. It doesn't show up on me. It might actually show up and be a nice highlight color for someone with a darker skintone though. 

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