Monday, December 13, 2010

Scherer Chameleon Swatches Part 2

(From left to right: Blue Sky, Fairy Pink, Heat, Dreams, Blue Frost, Calypso, Ballerina and Sunset)

These are the four remaining polishes from the Chameleon line. Again, all swatches are two coats and all pictures were taken indoors with flash.

Blue Sky is a dark blue pearl that at angles hints at lilac. It's pretty enough but nothing like the bottle color, which is a fabulous dark blue that shifts to teal, deep green and a dark blurple with hints of soft pink. If all that translated to the nail, this would without a doubt be an amazing polish.

Ballerina is a sheer silvery pink color that honestly is not very impressive and like all the other colors from this line doesn't really offer up much of that color changing quality this line is supposed to have.

Layered over black polish, it's a little more interesting though and will shift from pink to purple depending on how you look at it. It's not a bold enough shift of color to really be impressive, but still, to finally see some flash of color from this line is nice.

Now, the two favorites I have from this line. If you were going to get anything from this line, I'd recommend it be these two.

Dreams. On it's own, this is a soft, sheer silvery white pearl with hints of green and pink.

Layered over black, though this one didn't photograph well despite my best efforts, this becomes a frosty silver which shifts to pink and at certain angles soft blue and green.

And finally, Fairy Pink which again on it's own isn't all that impressive or even different. It is a sheer pink with light green shimmer.

Layered over black, it becomes a gorgeous frost that glints various shades of green and blue. This polish also has a somewhat milky quality to it so when layering over black you have to be careful to avoid streaks.

Overall this collection is really disappointing. Fairy Pink is my favorite. Dreams comes in a close second, and both are ideal for layering. Really, those are the only two I think are worth it from this line. I mostly feel like this was a waste of money but Dreams and Fairy Pink are winners for me. But only 2 of 8 polishes? Disappointing is putting it mildly. 

Overall rating for this line:

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