Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scherer Chameleon Swatches Part 1

As previously mentioned, I recently got the whole Chameleon line from Scherer. Overall the line was actually pretty disappointing to be honest. 

They say:  Different at every angle, Chameleon offers intense changing colors for the woman who likes to keep her options open. Fast-drying, chip-resistant and high-gloss color offers a fun twist for classic nails.

I did not find these to be fast drying. A couple did dry fairly quickly, but most of them had average dry time.  Chip resistant? Perhaps if you are one of those girls who just lazes about all day with absolutely nothing to do. I found they chipped quickly (within 24 hours... yikes!) if not protected with a good top coat. High gloss? Eh. A couple of them yes, but the whole line definitely not. 

Anyway, on with swatches.

(Left to right: Blue Sky, Fairy Pink, Heat, Dreams, Blue Frost, Calypso, Ballerina and Sunset)

Part 1 of these swatches will be the colors I was LEAST impressed by. All swatches are two coats, and all photos were taken indoors with flash.

Up first and by far the most disappointing color is Sunset. I would love to say the only reason I didn't like this one is because I'm not really a fan of the color orange in general, however that isn't it. These polishes are supposed to be multi-dimensional, with flashes of different colors. Sunset, however, is just orange foil. That's it. I looked hard at this polish at every angle possible and in different lighting, and not once did I see any little glimpse of anything but orange. 

Next we have Heat. I really wanted to love this one. It's a lovely bright coral toned pink. It's not quite the "color changing" polish you'd expect from the name and description of this line though. It does occasionally look like a deeper more pink shade if you look at the right (awkward) angle, but it doesn't have as much dimension as I'd hoped it would.

Blue Frost is a silvery baby blue frost. Not much else to say about it, though. At certain angles it looks more silvery and other angles it's more baby blue but overall it's appearance remains about the same. 

And last for part 1: Calypso. Based on the bottle color in the store I thought this would be my favorite. =(  In the bottle it is a lovely soft grape shade with flashes of pink, blue and green. But that doesn't translate to the nail at all. It's a purple version of Blue Frost, basically. Occasionally (again, at awkward angles) you will see hints of blue but overall, this is it.

Would I recommend any of these shades? Only if you don't already have something similar in your stash and you really like them and you go into the purchase knowing they're not the multi-dimensional beauties they're supposed to be. They're standard colors though easily found in other brands, and most nail junkies probably already have similar colors anyway.

Tomorrow I will share the four remaining colors. Stay tuned!

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