Monday, December 20, 2010

How Do YOU Franken?

I couldn't sleep last night and to pass some time I wound up grabbing a couple nearly empty and half empty bottles of nail polish and played around a bit to come up with a couple pretty new frankens. I also have my heart set on creating a very specific color, which will require purchasing a couple polishes to experiment with. More details to come on that one after I successfully create said color. (In other words it could be a while! lol) 

My preferred method for a franken is just to mix away. Add a bit of this and a touch of that, shake it up, test it, and continue to add-shake-test till I like the results. No thinking about it, no measuring... just child-like, mindless mixing fun. 

I know some are very particular about their frankens though, being careful to measure and take note of each polish that is used.

I can see the reasoning for this. Afterall... if you come up with something totally brilliant wouldn't it be great to be able to make it again and again to your heart's desire? 

But at the same time, for me... being precise kinda sucks the fun out of it. (Again, this is just me!) And I'll be honest, even if I come up with a color I completely fall in love with... I'm typically completely bored with it well before there's any danger of using it all up anyway.

So, how do YOU franken? Are you one of the more meticulous gals or are you like me, just throwing stuff together and seeing what happens?

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