Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Demi Lovato Inspired Look

I don't typically do celebrity inspired makeup looks (and when I do they usually turn out so badly I don't post about them, to be honest) however I do frequent Google image search for celebrities I like and I will save pictures when I like the makeup in hopes that some day I won't suck so badly at doing my makeup and I can recreate some of the lovely looks. 

Again being totally honest, I don't really pay much attention to celebrities anyway, the few names I do know don't seem to be as popular anymore and those who are well known right now are those younger celebrities I only know of thanks to my ten year old niece. With her in my life (we are uber close) I'm exposed to a lot of television shows, movies and music that if she were not around (or if I just were not as close to her as I am) I wouldn't know existed. But as close as we are I'm very well familiarized with many of the younger stars and the shows and music geared toward the kiddos in my niece's age group and a little older. I've no shame in admitting that I do genuinely like a good bit of it.

As such I'm pretty familiar with Demi Lovato. Some of you may know what's going on with her recently. I will not even begin to speculate - let's be totally honest here and say the one fact about the whole thing - nobody but Demi and her family and closest friends truly know what's going on. Rumors abound, and I am not one to listen to rumors. Regardless of that though, whatever Demi is dealing with it is her personal business and it's not something for the media and the general population to try to figure out or judge Demi by. And regardless of truth versus rumor, Demi is clearly going through a very difficult time right now.

Normally I don't pay attention to the "melt-downs" and such of celebrities. Typically when I hear about the latest incident with so-and-so, it's met with an eye roll, a shake of the head and often a smirk and "That's what they get" mentality from me. (Yeah - I said it. I don't care much one way or another about Hollywood and think most of the sticky situations celebs get into they deserve in one way or another.) However, Demi's situation is very different. Again, I am not even going to begin to speculate. I don't personally know her, I have no way of knowing any details and even if I did I would certainly not share. But I am saying this: I feel for her. I truly do.

I can't say I know exactly what she's going through but I know she's had a rough time with certain issues I myself have struggled with for many years. So to see her going through this kind of thing - with the added complication of the publicity of it all, something most of us would never have to add to any stress we may have to deal with and that surely makes it a thousand times more difficult - well it just gets to me. It hits home for me and my heart aches for her. 

I've always felt that Demi is a beautiful, extremely talented, sweet and humble girl. So in a show of support for Demi I decided to do a makeup look inspired by her. Might seem silly but it just felt like something I should do. I know she'll most likely never even see this but that doesn't matter. In the off chance she should stumble on to my tiny little blog I want her to know that I support her and respect her and I wish her all good things.

I do not normally post any photos that are not photos I have taken myself but in this case, obviously I do not have any pictures of Demi that I myself have taken. I don't recall where I found this photo, all I know is that I found it via Google search. 

This is my version of Demi's look in the above photo.

Products Used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Naughty Or Nice Set: Nice palette - middle e/s on lid; dark e/s outer v & outer edge of crease
LA Colors 5 color palette "Darling" - darkest shade layered over the Too Faced shadow on outer v & blended slightly into outer edge of crease; middle shade in crease; white to highlight inner corner
Mad Minerals "Cancun Sand" - used to softly blend out the colors and highlight the brow bone
Rimmel Special Eyes e/l "Black Magic" - along upper lash line set and smudged out with black shadow from Too Faced Naughty Or Nice Set: Naughty palette; also applied to waterline & set with the black shadow
Maybelline Falsies mascara "Blackest Black" 

Though it is not pictured, for the face I used: Physician's Formula Summer Eclipse bronzer "Moonlight", Ulta blush "Girlie" and Eyeko Cream to highlight the cheek bones. On the lips I used Too Faced Lip Injection "Techno Tart" blotted and topped with Hard Candy lip gloss "Genie". 

This all resulted in a look very similar to Demi's, though it is a slightly softer version of Demi's makeup in the above photo. Which works for me since my complexion is so much lighter than hers - anything darker would have just looked ridiculous on me. I like this look a lot though, it seems like Demi's signature look (it's this or some "barely there" makeup on most occasions) and it is easy to see why - it is a lovely and simple enough look that even I managed to pull it off. I've noticed Demi wears this basic look a lot, and sometimes she changes it up by using muted purples in place of the browns. May have to try that one out soon, too. There are a couple other pictures I've saved of Demi where I love her makeup - perhaps a couple more Demi inspired posts are in order. =)

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