Monday, December 27, 2010

Any Good Gifts?

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - or a wonderful whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year! - filled with love and happiness! 

Did anyone get any good beauty-related gifts? 

 I think my friends/family either feel like they don't know what beauty items I would like so they'd rather not get me something I might not like or (more likely) they think I have too much already and don't want to feed the addiction. LOL So, I did get two beauty related gifts from a friend but nothing too exciting and no makeup or nail polish at all. 

The two gifts that my friend got me were: a bath set with cherry blossom scented shower gel, lotion and body spray and a loofah and she also got me an Herbal Essences gift set with shampoo, conditioner, a small tube of scrunching gel and a small bottle of lavender scented body spray. Both nice gifts that I do like and I'll review them in the near future. =)

Since I didn't get any makeup as gifts I decided to spend my Christmas money on some makeup. (Of course, right? LOL) I ordered some goodies from Cherry Culture that I can't wait to get and I also got a couple things from Beauty Ticket. I wanted to order more from Beauty Ticket than I did but at that point my Christmas money was gone and I was dipping into bill/grocery money a bit so I got two cute compact mirrors (both the same design, one is for me and the other will be for my oldest niece) and one lippie that I am uber excited about getting.

I'll share more deets when I get my orders of course, as well as pics, swatches and reviews. I will say though, waiting to spend Christmas money till a day or two after Christmas is always a good thing. Those after Christmas sales are hard to beat! ;-)

What about you? Any good gifts or Christmas money shopping sprees?

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