Monday, November 8, 2010

Swatches - Finger Paints

Yeah, I'm a little bit of a Finger Paints junkie. :p 

All pictures are indoors + flash.

Brushstroke Blush

This is a pretty soft pink creme. It was a little sheer and streaky, and needed 3 coats for opaque, even coverage. Seems to be the norm for cremes - almost all the cremes I have tend to be this way anyway. So not too big of a deal. 

I decided to try it out with a coat of Finger Paints "Pink Imagination" on top, too.

Art Auction Auburn

This is actually a deeper red than pictured. But it's a lovely, shimmery 2 coater. I love this one. It's a gorgeous coppery shade. 

Compared to my other favorite coppery red, Milani "Foxy Lady":

Index and middle fingers are Art Auction Auburn and ring and pinky fingers are Foxy Lady. (2 coats each.) As you can see they are almost identical. Close enough that a casual observer would probably not notice they're different, but us nail junkies know better. ;-) Foxy Lady is just slightly more coppery than Art Auction Auburn.

And last up is Artist's Inspiration

This is a dark, slightly golden shimmery brown. It was slightly streaky, but not much. It's pictured at 2 coats.

Compared to China Glaze "Unplugged" and Petites "Bronze Baby":

Index and pinky fingers are Artist's Inspiration, middle finger is Bronze Baby and ring finger is Unplugged. 2 coats of each color. As you can see there are no dupes among these three colors. Artist's Inspiration and Bronze Baby are more similar, with Bronze Baby being more golden. Unplugged has definite red tones to it (which I personally do NOT like as when I bought it I expected it to be a truer brown than it is) while still having some slight golden shimmer. Artist's Inspiration is definitely my favorite of the three!

I also picked up the new LE glittery top coat. It's your standard clear with iridescent micro glitter, so I did not bother to swatch it. I almost didn't get it. Such top coats are so basic. But, at the last minute I decided to go ahead and get it. I justified the purchase with this line, which yes was supplied to the lovely cashier at Sally's: "The snowflakes on the bottle are cute. That's a good enough reason to get it." Yeah, I'm bad. LOL

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