Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle Serum & Polish

I spotted this new display of polishes and a new product from Sally Hansen recently. I decided to snap some pics which you will have to forgive the crummy quality. My cell cam is - obviously - not exactly the best. 

The new product I admit I did not check out thoroughly but as the name implies it is a nail treatment meant to give you longer, stronger, healthier and faster growing nails. I didn't really have an interest in it so I didn't check out the box to learn more about it. Sorry. 

Along with this product they created 9 new polishes which from what I gather are also supposed to help promote the same longer/stronger/healthier nails, and of course the benefits are supposed to be maximized by using the treatment and polishes together.

The colors are pretty ho-hum and average, really. There is a clear and a white meant for French tips. The rest of the colors are mostly reds, and there are two pinks and a taupe.

As a nail polish addict I of course want all the colors anyway, despite the fact that they are quite ordinary and I am sure I already have similar colors in my stash to all of these anyway. What is it about a new bottle that makes it so irresistible? 

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