Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation

I got this foundation last month in the next-to-lightest shade, Light Ivory. I blame myself, really. I truly do. I knew instinctively this was too dark for me. I KNOW when you have the chance to do so you swatch a couple samples in the store and step outside to get a look at them in natural light. Shame on me for not listening to my gut or checking it out in natural light before buying it. 

If you had not caught on to where that was going, this foundation is too dark for my uber pale redheaded complexion. Like, WAY too dark. I figured when I bought it if it were too dark I'd just mix a little with my moisturizer and use it as a tinted moisturizer. Worked well for other (drugstore) foundations that were too dark. However, that's not the only thing about this foundation that just is not working for me. That's just where it starts. 

Application - No method of application seems to work for me with this foundation. First couple uses, I applied with my fingers. Streaky, awful mess. Opted for my foundation brush. Same results. Tried a sponge applicator. Still streaky. No amount of blending made a difference. I tried each method of application again but over a primer (Too Faced Primed & Poreless) rather than bare skin, thinking maybe, just maybe, that might be the issue. Nope. 

Getting beyond the streaky application, this foundation is greasy. REALLY greasy. Which is perhaps why it's so streaky upon application. How in the world a foundation that is supposed to be oil free is so greasy is beyond me, but it is. I have very dry skin, so moisturizing products are fabulous to me but this is just greasy, not moisturizing. Even if I let the foundation set for 15 minutes or so before moving on to applying blush/bronzer/translucent powder it didn't seem to matter. The greasiness of the foundation made the powders impossible to blend and it just made everything look like an awful, splotchy mess. 

I find both the streaky application and the greasiness so hugely disappointing because what I tested at Ulta was NOT a greasy, streaky mess. Why was the tester bottle so different from what I actually purchased? 

Staying power of this foundation is equally disappointing for me. It just does not stay at all. Even the simple act of brushing my hair out of my eyes led to the foundation rubbing off. My phone would have makeup all over it after talking for just a couple minutes.

Overall just NOT a good foundation in any aspect for me. I have seen some glowing reviews for it out there, and since different things work for different people surely there are some out there who would have great success with this foundation. But I do not like it at all. Even mixing it with moisturizer or a lighter shade of foundation doesn't seem to help with any of the issues. I used it numerous times over the past month trying really hard to just give it a fair chance... but there is an excellent chance that the next clean-out session (which is due to happen soon) this is going to wind up in the trash.

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