Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Mark Lippies & Eye Shadow

I was finally able to order a couple more Mark goodies from the lovely Lourdes from Vice Beauty Blog. You can purchase from her Mark shop by clicking here.

All pictures are indoors with flash.

Dew Drenched Lipstick "Peachy"

Sadly this product is no longer available. The Dew Drenched line was discontinued to make way for the new Lip Click lipsticks. My true regret here is that I only got around to getting two Dew Drenched lipsticks over the years. I wish I had more. -_- But anyway, on to Peachy! This is a gorgeous slightly pinky peach, shimmery lipstick with a glossy finish. It's lightweight and soft on the lips, and as the name may imply it's not drying at all. I am completely in love with this color, you have no idea!

Lip Click Lipstick "Bare Hug"

I'm a bit undecided on this one for now. This lipstick, like the Dew Drenched, doesn't feel dry. However it is much more opaque than Dew Drenched. Bare Hug is a creme, peachy nude color. (It's darker than what is pictured above.) It seems a little too orangey for me once applied. It has a slightly glossy finish, but not as glossy as the Dew Drenched lipsticks are.

Maybe it's just the opaqueness that I'm finding difficult about it. I've always been a lipgloss girl. Lately I find myself wanting to wear lipstick though. So, maybe I just need some time to get used to how opaque this lipstick is because it's definitely a big jump from the sheer glosses I am used to wearing. When wearing Bare Hug, I've taken to applying it with a very light hand and layering a lightly tinted (pink) lip balm over top to kind of tone it down a little, and I like it pretty well that way. I'd definitely be willing to try other colors of this lipstick though, the formula is nice. As is the packaging. The tube is magnetic, so it "clicks" closed (hence the name "Lip Click") and you know it's going to stay securely closed when it's in your purse or makeup case! I'm curious if there are any other colors that I might like more than this one. You can bet I will be getting more when the budget allows it!

The tubes of Lip Click are bigger than the Dew Drenched lipsticks, however the net weight on the labels state that the Dew Drenched is 3.6g and Lip Click is only 3g, so visually you seem to be getting more product but it's actually a bit less. Lipstick lasts so long it really is not a big deal to me, however the price tag for the Lip Click is $10 whereas the Dew Drenched lipsticks were only $8. It's a little bit of a trade off. You're paying a bit more money for slightly less product, however the different packaging needs to be considered. The caps on the Dew Drenched lipsticks are nice and secure, but I know (from experience) that sometimes when you're in a hurry you may not close the lipsticks completely so regardless of how securely they close they may open. The magnetic tube of Lip Click is definitely a "peace of mind" feature so you know your lipstick will never get destroyed and mess up everything in your purse.

Chic Duet Lipgloss "Candy Fix"

This is another discontinued product that is not available anymore. It's a pretty neat concept. It's two tubes of gloss in one. In the outer tube is clear gloss, and the inner tube contains the rosy pink gloss. It's pretty much impossible to apply just one of the two glosses, however I did find if you squeeze the sides of the tube you get more of the colored gloss, and just squeezing in the middle of the tub (front and back) will get a bit more clear out. It has a subtle sweet smell and taste to it. It's very creamy and feels good on the lips, it feels moisturizing which I like a lot. Especially this time of year, which in my part of the world is "cold and getting colder" and Winter is coming up so every extra bit of moisture I can get to my skin and lips is a good thing! Overall it's a pretty standard gloss though, and the "two tubes in one" thing, while a brilliant idea and unique packaging, just isn't as fabulous as you might think it's going to be.

I also got a Mini Snap To It Palette. I think just for fun, I didn't really need it. LOL (Maybe as an excuse to order again asap and get two more eye shadows or a blush for it?) And I also got Piccadilly I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow to finish off the Mezzo palette I got with my last order.

Piccadilly is a gorgeous dark purple matte eye shadow. It's very well pigmented and silky and it applies beautifully. It blends very well. I have been using it as eye liner a lot; purples help make the green in my eyes stand out more so I really like this a lot for that reason. =) 

It's pictured here over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Sorry for the little bit of glitter that snuck in there - I'm not sure where it came from. I have so many glittery things in my house it could have come from anything. LOL But I promise the shadow is perfectly matte!

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