Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finger Paints Winter Dreams Collection

Winter Wishes, Mulberry Madness, Holly Good Time, Merry Mittens, Just Plum Fun, Mistletoe Mischief

*Squealing with delight* Can you believe it? I FINALLY managed to get my hands on a new collection from Finger Paints and not only that but I was able to get ALL six of them! (I'm a spoiled brat, that's what it is. lol My dad bought the collection for me!) I am perpetually missing the LE collections from Finger Paints. By the time I get to Sally's to check out the latest collections they're long gone. But not this time!

The colors are all lovely. Most of these are 2 coaters. They all dry pretty quickly, which is impressive. I didn't have any application problems with any of them. I'm not totally in love with all the colors but overall I am pretty happy with this collection. 

All pictures are indoors with flash.

Winter Wishes
Pictured at 2 coats

This one is a lovely soft silver color that has silver microglitter in it. To my eye it's got a very soft hint of champagne to it rather than being a straight up silver. The base color dries matte, but the glitter in it of course maintains it's shine which lends this polish a unique finish, it looks textured and (to me) almost velvety. Really very lovely. This color is definitely nothing like anything else in my stash and I really like it a lot. I'm not totally in love with it, but it's certainly crush worthy! ;-)

Mulberry Madness
Pictured at 3 coats

I almost considered passing on this color. Red glitter... have a couple already. But I decided to get it anyway and I'm glad I did. This is a lovely deep maroon red. The texture is the same as Winter Wishes and has the same almost velvety look to it. A little more sheer, it looks best at 3 coats in my opinion.

Holly Good Time
Pictured at 2 coats

This one is for all fans of glitter, I think. It's a very soft sheer gold base loaded with gold and red microglitter. And I do mean LOADED. The glitter is very dense in this polish. Two coats gives almost complete coverage. I almost wish the glitter were a little less dense so this would be more suited for layering. But it' so pretty and sparkly it's ok. Kind of a PITA to remove, but what else can you expect from something to packed full of glitter? It doesn't leave too much glitter behind once all is said and done though, surprisingly. So that's a plus.

Merry Mittens
Pictured at 2 coats

This one is the one color from this collection that I'm disappointed with. The first thing to note is that it's not as shiny as it looks in the pictures - it dries down to a slight satin finish. But that's not my problem with this one, really. No. In the bottle it's a lovely  coppery red with gold microglitter. Total stunner of a polish, right? Well... once applied it's just a deep coppery red, semi-matte polish that has little flecks of glitter that seem to be... RED. O.o If you REALLY look hard (like, stare closely and move your fingers at goofy angles) the glitter flashes gold. But when just looking at your nails in a totally normal way the glitter is hardly visible, and when you do see it, it looks red. Definitely not what I expected at all based on the bottle color. I mean I'll use it of course (who doesn't love red nail polish of any sort?) but this is my least favorite of the collection and honestly, I could have passed on it. 

Just Plum Fun
Pictured at 2 coats

One of my favorites from this collection, Just Plum Fun is a dark plummy purple with multi-colored shimmer. The shimmer is subtle, but in the sun (or with some close, direct light) it's lovely and noticable. I love that this is dark but you still know it's purple. I love black polish but I'm not so fond of the "so dark it looks black" colors out there. This isn't quite as dark as it looks in the pictures, but it is lovely and deep and fabulous looking. I have a difficult time finding purples that I like, so many of them just look odd on my skintone. But this one I really, really love. 

Mistletoe Mischief
Pictured at 3 coats

And perhaps my favorite from the collection, Mistletoe Mischief (which is also not quite as dark as pictured) is a fabulous dark green with lots of green shimmer. This is another deliciously dark but still distinguishable color that doesn't just look black. And the shimmer... oh... the gorgeous shimmer! It's a little sheer and looks best with three coats, but it's three coats very well worth it! This one has the shiniest finish of all the colors too which might be part of what I love about it. (I've had fun dabbling with the matte trend but I'm a shiny polish gal all the way, I guess...) 

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