Monday, November 1, 2010

Eyeko Products

I've got a question for you today, my lovely readers! 

I only own a couple things from Eyeko though, and they've all already been reviewed here. I would love to get some more things from them to review here when I can scrape up some extra spending money. It will be a while, as I have some medical things I need to save up for first and foremost right now. But I do really, really want to make another purchase from Eyeko asap. I have my eye on some things but I want your input!

What products from Eyeko are you most interested in hearing about?

I've already reviewed Rain and ChiChi polishes, Soho lip gloss and the famous Eyeko Cream. Anything on YOUR Eyeko wish list other than those items that you'd love to try but you want to know more about it first? Let me know and I'll put it on my list of items to consider for my next purchase when I'm able to do some makeup shopping again! I can't promise to actually purchase everything that may be suggested/requested here (though I wish I could afford to do that!) but I promise to give it serious consideration when I am able to make my next purchase. Remember to be specific - not just "fat balm" but "minty fat balm" for example.

And remember, when you're shopping with Eyeko you can get a free gift with purchases over £10/€12/$15 by entering my Ambassador Code - E11100.


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