Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dupe Alert

I'm clearing out my stash and all the polishes I honestly don't use or I don't like anymore are being packed up to be given to a friend. While going through my stash picking out the things to get rid of, I discovered that I had two bottles of the same color.

On the left, Pure Ice "Spit Fire" and on the right Sally Hansen Hard As Nails XtremeWear "Strobe Light"

I find this sort of funny because I had been lemming Strobe Light. I'd look at it in the store and ooh and ahh over it, contemplating getting it but always passing for one reason or another. Then last year it was included in one of the mini holiday sets, and I was tickled to finally get to try the color. And then today, nearly a whole yer later, I realized I had the color in my stash the whole time anyway!

I applied 3 coats of each color; Spit Fire is on my index and pinky fingers while Strobe Light is on the middle and ring fingers. 

The formula of Strobe Light is a bit thicker than that of Spit Fire, but the glitter is the same density in both polishes and distributes evenly for both as well. 

Forehead, meet hand. Hand, meet forehead. I'm sure you're thrilled to meet one another under these glorious circumstances... 


Anyway. Just thought I would share my little discovery. =)

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