Friday, October 15, 2010

Swatches - Fright Night

As promised here are swatches of the recently acquired Fright Night nail polishes. These are available every year before Halloween and are located with the other Halloween makeup supplies. I got them at Wal Mart for $3 a bottle, and I know they are also sold at K Mart for the same price and I would assume they are sold at other similar stores and drug stores that sell Halloween makeup/costumes. 

All photos in this post were taken indoors with flash.

Up first is Pumpkin. This is not what I would call a "pumpkin orange", it's far brighter. This is much more of a neon orange than a pumpkin orange. It is a sheer, jelly polish. I like it best at 4 coats where it's built up a decent opacity, but it's still got a slight sheerness to it. It applies really well though. The first coat had some slight streakiness to it but after that there were no issues. Here it is at 3 coats, no top coat.

Next is Black Orange. This is just black and orange glitter in a clear base. You have to really work with it to get the glitter placed evenly and so it will look nice, but that's nothing unexpected from this type of glitter. This is two coats, no top coat.

And last but not least, Spellbinding Top Coat. I'm not sure why they call this one a top coat. It's a slightly sheer cardinal red base (this is my best guess based on the red shades chart on wikipedia) loaded with red microglitter. It's a gorgeous color and immediately made me think of Dorothy's slippers in The Wizard Of Oz. =) One coat had some streaks but two coats evened it out and was nice and opaque. This is two coats, no top coat. 

As you can see this color is lovely (though certainly easy to find something similar) and definitely not a top coat. Though it does look quite lovely layered over black polish. I'd imagine it may work over other very dark polishes as well but you definitely would not use it as a top coat or to layer over lighter colors.

For references (and just for fun, really) here are pictures of Black Orange and Spellbinding layered over black and white polishes:

Left to right: Black Orange over black, Spellbinding over black, Black Orange over white, Spellbinding over white.

The bottles for these polishes are cute. I like decorative nail polish bottles. The caps do take a little getting used to when applying the polish because of the size and shape but once you get used to them they really aren't that bad. The most difficult thing is just getting the caps back on the bottles so the top actually lines up properly with the bottle. If you aren't the type to care about such things it's not an issue. If you're like me though and tend to be a little OCD about these kinds of things... it might prove a bit irritating trying to get the caps back on just right. LOL

Overall I like the polishes. I am sure they are all colors that you could easily find dupes for. I have a couple red glitter polishes that are comparable to Spellbinding, for example. But if you don't already have similar colors and are looking for good quality and a cheap price tag (and you don't mind the coffin shaped bottles!) I think they're worth it. =)

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