Thursday, October 28, 2010

Revlon Just Add Sparkle Collection

I went out today hunting for a couple last minute things for Halloween, and while I was in K Mart I had to stop by the cosmetics. It's inevitable. I can go in other stores and not look at makeup, but with K Mart, it just kind of happens.

I spotted Revlon's collection of nail polishes called Just Add Sparkle. As a glitter fan you know this had to appeal to me right? This is a collection of 4 creme polishes with coordinated glitter top coats. I know this collection isn't "new" to some of you - I first saw blog posts about it back in August or sometime around then. But this collection is new to me and just now hitting stores in my area.

I passed on the creme colors - they were very standard. I got three of the four top coats though. I'd have gotten all four but they were out of one (the one I really wanted, go figure!). I like the way they paired up the names for this collection though. It's kinda corny but cute at the same time. 

"Ruby" is your standard red creme polish. (Like we all don't already have dozens of those already right?! lol) and the top coat that goes with it is "Slipper". It's a clear base with red and silver micro glitter plus silver holo hex glitter. Pretty. ♥ Here I have it pictured at two coats over ELF Dark Red polish; natural light (shade) no flash:

"Silver" is a light grey creme and it's paired up with "Belle" - a clear base with silver micro glitter and silver holo hex glitter. It's pictured here at two coats over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Wet Cement"; natural light (shade) no flash:

"Rock" is a medium-grape creme and it goes with "Star", a clear base with purple and silver micro glitter and silver holo hex glitter. Here it is pictured at two coats over a color I frankened. (Sorry, I didn't have time to adjust my settings on my camera so this looks a little more blue than purple but I promise in real life, it's purple!) Again, two coats over the base color, natural light (shade) and no flash:

"Lunar" is black creme and it's paired up with "Galaxy" - the one I want oh so badly but they didn't have it - which is a clear base with black, blue, gold and silver micro glitter plus (if you hadn't caught on to the trend yet) silver holo hex glitter. Oh, Galaxy... how I wish I owned you, you gorgeous little thing you. *sigh* 

They all applied very well. The micro glitter distributes pretty evenly, and as can be expected you do have to work with the hex glitter a bit to get it placed where you want it if you're picky about that stuff. I don't mind the sporadic placement,  so I didn't bother and you can see that the hex glitter is pretty sparse and some nails get more pieces of it than others when you just let the polish do whatever it's going to do and don't work with it to get the glitter more precise and even.

I like them all though. I'm still going to try to get my hands on a bottle of Galaxy of course. But in the mean time these are lovely glitter top coats and I'm happy to have them in my stash as I didn't have anything like any of them already. And of course they'd look just as lovely over other polishes - keeping them strictly with the colors they're paired with for this collection would just be silly! :p

Siobhan at The Nailphile has fabulous pictures of the entire collection, if you'd like to see all of them just head on over to her blog to check them out: click here.

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