Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recent Purchases

My dad got me some new nail polishes last week. There will be swatches soon, for now here are bottle pics. =) 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in "Black Out" and "White On"

Fright Night Claw Polish in "Pumpkin" and "Black Orange", and "Spellbinding Top Coat". I am a fan of decorative nail polish bottles so I love the packaging for these polishes, I always have. =) 

Then I got to go to Ulta the other day (a VERY rare treat.... now if only I could get to Sephora, I have never been there!) and while I saw a LOT I wanted I only had a little money to spend.

Since I am in need of a new foundation, I decided to try Ulta's Fabulous Face foundation. I got the shade Light Ivory, which is not the lightest shade available (next to lightest) but in the store it seemed ok. We all know those fluorescent lights can be deceiving. I probably should have gotten the lighter shade but, I like this formula and I figured if it turns out to be a little dark I will just mix it with moisturizer to lighten it up a bit. I also got an Ulta blush in "Girlie". I had spotted another color I adored (don't recall which one it was now) but I put it back in favor of Girlie because it was a shimmery blush and Girlie is matte. I have several shimmery blushes already, and I'm starting to prefer matte blush. I also got an Ulta Retractable Lip Brush, as I needed a lip brush in a very bad way. I'm already not thrilled with it though, but only because the cap will not stay on. Which seems to always be the problem I run in to with lip brushes. What is the point of a cap if it will not stay on? I got this because I thought I could toss it into my train case or purse and not worry about it... but clearly that will not be an option with the cap sliding right off all the time. *sigh* So the hunt for a decent lip brush continues... and at least I have one now, even if I have to be careful with it and can't bring it with me for touch-ups. 

As I said, I will swatch the polishes soon. I will also swatch the blush and do a review of the foundation after I've used it for a while and have a better feel for it. =)

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