Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Believe it or not I didn't do anything special with my nails for today. I know, shocking. lol I've just been super busy, my oldest niece was here for the weekend and I just didn't really have a chance to do anything special. I put on two coats of Rimmel "Hard Edged" and then a coat of Fright Night Claw Polish "Black Orange" - and that's it. The glitter really kind of covered the cool look of Hard Edged though, and it just pretty much looks like black polish with the glitter on top. (No pics.) 

I took my niece trick or treating tonight, and we both dressed up as witches. Well, I *sort of* dressed up. I couldn't find a costume I liked that I could afford. ($40+ for a poorly made costume I'll wear ONCE in my life? No thanks!) I just wore a skirt and a blouse with bell sleeves, and I got some green and black striped tights and a witches hat to wear for my "costume". And of course I did some fun makeup. 

I forgot to take my camera with me so all I have is a crummy cell phone pic, but I did a rainbow eye look using MAD Minerals colors. I used TFSI and then applied the colors wet and layered the colors dry on top to help increase the staying power. From the inner corner of the lid to the outer I used Rave, Trust Fund, Taxi, and Big Money. Then for the inner half of the crease I used Pizzazz and the outer crease was Speed. I took the crease colors up high on the brow so they'd be as visible as the lid colors, then used a random shimmery white shadow on the very top of the brow bone to highlight, and used it on the inner corner as a highlight as well. Then I used Rimmel Special Eyes eye liner in Black along the top last line and some Maybelline Volum Express The Falsies mascara in Very Black. (I know, two shockers in one post. Strange things happen on Halloween! More deets about the mascara to come soon!)

It was not as dark as it looks, it was very bright and colorful and glittery. =D

I didn't want to bother with a full face of makeup (and didn't have time anyway) so I applied Eyeko Cream all over, then used some Hard Candy Glitteratzi Eye Glitter Gel in Crystal Ball around my eyes and swept it down onto my cheekbones slightly. For the lips I used Revlon ColorStay Soft lipstick in Satin Rosewood topped with Jesse's Girl lip gloss in Ice. 

We had fun trick or treating. For once it didn't rain! It was still cold though. But at least it was dry. 

Hope you all had a lovely day and if you celebrate Halloween I hope it was fun!

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