Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foundation Recommendations?

Good day to you, my lovely readers! 

Today I have a question for you. I need some recommendations for a new foundation. My skin is changing on me (thank you, Mother Nature...) and as a result I could use some input from my fellow makeup junkies!

My skin has always been a bit on the dry side, but lately it's gotten drier. My current foundation makes this increased dryness show no matter what I do. Even right after exfoliating, once the foundation goes on the dry flakies are visible. Needless to say this is not pretty at all! And if I am planning on going out in public, this means I've been opting to just go au naturale rather than wear makeup... I'd rather be bare faced and not have the small dry patches visible than wear makeup and look cakey and flakey! lol

I currently use L'Oreal TrueMatch liquid foundation. This is the only drugstore brand that has a shade light enough for me... everything else is far too dark. (There may be a couple brands I've not looked at yet though that just are not sold at the stores I normally go to; I know Rite Aid sells a couple brands I'm not familiar with since I don't shop there often.) I use shade W1 (Porcelain) though honestly I could use something about a half a shade lighter or so, but I've been able to make this one work as in Summer my ever so slight tan from working in the garden and venturing out to photograph various things makes this quite an ideal shade, and in the cooler months I mix it with some moisturizer to lighten it up a bit so it works for me year round.

Does anyone know of some good foundations (preferably liquid but I'll take whatever recommendations y'all have for me regardless of what type of foundation it is!) that are good for dry, sensitive skin and are available in uber light shades? Preferably also something affordable - under $15 is ideal. (I know, I'm shooting for the moon here...) I'd love it to be something I could buy locally, but as with my mascara of choice, if it must be purchased online so be it. 

Thank you for your input ladies (and gents!) it's greatly appreciated!

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