Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Hard Candy In The Shadows

I recently got one of the In The Shadows palettes from Hard Candy. They are cute palettes and come with a little tube of eye shadow primer.

The palette I got is "Rebel".

I chose this palette because I like the soft, neutral colors. (Remember, I'm a mostly a "barely there" makeup kind of gal, I only do the bolder stuff occasionally so softer colors tend to be my favorites.)

The Shadows

In the palette the colors are lovely. Unfortunately, this does not transfer over to how they look on the skin. The shadows are not very pigmented. The white is dry and a little chalky in texture. The shade above that seems to have some sort of a film over it and it's extremely difficult to pick up any color at all. The shade in the middle (brighter pink) is nice but again just not as pigmented as you would expect it to be. The next shade up looks like a peachy flesh tone color in the pan, but applied it is a barely-there pink. And the black - with all that fabulous multi-colored shimmer - has the best pigmentation of all the shadows however it still falls short of expectations. It is more of a soft charcoal than black, though it does have an unexpected (and pretty!) flash of pink to it.

Natural light (shade) no flash

Natural light (shade) with flash

In the pictures above, the shadows are shown over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the left and on the right they are over the Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer that came with the palette. As you can see the colors were a bit more vibrant over the Hard Candy primer. But not much more.

The Primer

I decided to compare this primer with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. On multiple occasions, I did my eye makeup using TFSI on one eye and HCEP on the other eye. The first difference in the products is the color. TFSI is flesh toned out of the tube, and HCEP is white. The next thing that is different is the texture. TFSI is thicker and creamy, whereas HCEP is a thin, lotion like consistency.

Don't let the above swatches fool you - when I used other brands of eye shadow (BFTE, Too Faced, LA Colors) the colors were more vibrant over TFSI than they were over HCEP.It seemed to have the best performance when used with the Hard Candy shadows as far as maximizing color payoff. With all brands used over the course of my comparing the two primers, the colors seemed to blend better with the HCEP. However, the colors did fade and crease after a couple hours of wear (makeup applied at 10 AM had noticeable fading and creasing by 2 PM) while the TFSI eye held up and resisted fading and creasing significantly longer (minimal fading noticed around 5 PM, minimal creasing noticed at 8 PM) and by the end of the day when getting ready for bed (11:30 PM) the HCEP eye still had a smidge of color to it but had mostly worn off while the TFSI eye had more noticeable fading but the colors were still pretty vibrant and the creasing was still at a minimum.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this purchase. The shadows could be a lot more pigmented, and the primer just doesn't hold up like it should. 1 of 5 stars, and not recommended.

I do wonder, though, if the other palettes might be better in terms of pigmentation. The other palettes had darker colors, so I suppose it could be possible they might be a little better. I'm not sure I'm willing to spend the money on any of them to find out. But regardless, the Rebel palette is a definite PASS.

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