Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swatches - Nicole by OPI Matte

Here are the final two Nicole by OPI Matte colors I got. As with the others they are more of a satin finish than true matte, and they have silver shimmer. They dry very quickly so you have to work quickly to avoid streaks and dragging.

Positive Energy is a pretty silver with silver shimmer. It's sheer compared to the other colors which, if you play it right are all perfect in just one coat. This one needs two coats to be fully opaque. 

Natural, cloudy light. 2 coats.

Respect The World is a lovely turquoise color. (I think. Teal vs. turquoise always baffles me lol. Teal is lighter and more sky-blue toned, isn't it? Or is it the other way around?) I swatched at two coats, but if you do it right one coat is fine.

Natural, cloudy light. 2 coats.

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