Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swatches - Avon Mirror Shine

I recently went to the flea market and lucked out in being there when a couple girls from Avon were there. They had a lovely booth set up with a decent variety of products available and all at excellent prices. I picked up two of the Mirror Shine polishes for just $2 a piece. 

Pink Ice is a fabulous silvery pink metallic. It is surprisingly shiny without top coat. It is a little on the sheer side, two coats gives ideal coverage though. 

Natural, cloudy light. 2 coats.

Blaze is a blue based hot pink shade. It is not nearly as shiny as Pink Ice, it has more of a semi-satin finish to it than a shiny metallic. It is opaque in one coat.

Natural, cloudy light. 1 coat.

Both polishes are lovely, they are similar to matte polishes in that they dry quickly so you have to work quickly when you apply them or you'll have problems with it dragging and streaking. (You can see this on my pointer finger for "Blaze" - I didn't feel like adding a second coat to "fix" it.) They both show any little knicks or unevenness you may have on your nails, so do NOT skip a good base coat. (Blaze will also stain your nails like crazy if you don't use a base coat.) Even though they're shiny on their own I would still suggest using a top coat with them. I tried them out without top coat for a couple days to see how they wear on their own, and while the resisted chipping as well as any other polish without top coat, they did a lot of marks and dents in them.

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