Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swatch - Nicole by OPI Matte

I was able to get three more of the mattes from Nicole by OPI. I was half tempted to get the entire collection (which by the way is 6 colors) but for one thing, $35 on nail polish in one day is a bit much for me, and I thought hard about it and decided that really, I would not use the two colors I opted not to get. (For the curious, the two I ended up putting back were Virtuous Violet Matte - I have the regular version of this anyway - and Wild Blue Yonder Matte.)

This one is called No Limits Matte, and it is a gorgeous deep, navy blue. As with all the colors from this collection, it has silver shimmer which lends it more of a satin finish than a true matte finish. It applies as can be expected from any matte polish - it dries super quickly so you have to polish quickly to avoid streaks and dragging. It's nice and opaque with one coat; but I applied 2 coats for good measure. 

(Pictured in natural, cloudy light.)

Sorry for the messy application; I decided to give the polish a try about thirty seconds before someone spontaneously asked me if I wanted to go out somewhere, so I was in a hurry and, obviously, kinda made a mess of things. LOL 

This polish wears as other mattes, it will show wear a bit sooner than a regular polish that can be sealed with a top coat but it still lasts a day or two so it's not bad. If you prefer nail polish to last longer than that, yeah you'd be disappointed. But if you're like me and change your nail polish and/or give your nails a break from being polished frequently, it's probably not going to be a big deal. 

Because this is such a dark polish it has the excellent ability to stain your nails, so be aware of that too if stained nails are something you'd rather not deal with.

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