Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Just For Redheads Mascara Naturelle

If you're new to my blog (or maybe just haven't paid attention) you should probably know that I am a natural redhead. Beyond that, I'm a natural redhead who 99% of the time prefers to wear makeup that is soft and natural looking. Which, when it comes to mascara... is kind of a huge pain in the butt. My lashes are VERY light at the base and light overall. Every locally available mascara is super black, or such a dark shade of brown it may as well be black too. Before I discovered JFR yes I wore those darker mascaras, because I didn't have a CHOICE. But let's be totally honest here - super dark lashes on otherwise soft makeup on a natural redhead just does NOT look right. (*In my opinion.) Shoot even with more colorful/darker eye looks the black mascara can still look too harsh.

This picture is indoors in natural lighting and with flash. The remaining photos in this post are also indoors, natural lighting and without flash.

So for a couple years now I've been using Just For Redheads mascaras in the Mascara Naturelle formula almost exclusively; I've only gotten a couple other mascaras when I was sucked in by clever marketing. (Aren't we all guilty of that from time to time?) I was so indescribably happy when I found out about JFR, you have got no idea. 

I have only used two shades of the Mascara Naturelle in the time I've been using it, but there are four shades available. I'm aiming to try the other shades too, eventually. Curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.

Here is a swatch of the colors on my hand:

This is what my lashes look like naturally:

Ginger Red is my go-to shade for daily wear and with soft, natural looking makeup. It's a nice red-brown shade. It really is wonderful for adding some definition to my eyes without being over the top.

Here are my lashes with one coat of Ginger Red:

Ginger Brown is the shade I like to use when I do something more dramatic with my eye makeup. It's a lovely shade of brown, it's dark without being too dark. It has a slight red undertone to it. 

Here are my lashes with one coat of Ginger Brown:

Pros and cons of BOTH shades:

Pros: They both add a nice touch of length and volume, without being over the top. My lashes don't clump together and get "spidery" with either of them. They don't flake and are fairly smudge resistant. Price - These sell on the JFR web site for roughly $9 a piece (the suggested retail price is listed as $18) and they are often put on sale where you can get two tubes for around $17. (A minimal savings, yes, but it's still savings right?) I think this is a decent price for a mascara, especially when you consider that it's a "specialty" mascara geared toward a very specific market. They both wash off pretty easily, though I tend to have a harder time getting Ginger Brown off, it requires a little more scrubbing. Neither one leaves my natural lashes feeling dry or brittle, though.

Cons: Despite being water resistant, these mascaras both run much more than is ideal, particularly on the outer corners of my eyes. (Might be worth noting that I seem to have watery eyes, and they will tear up easily when most other people's eyes would not; slight breezes, the sun gets in my eyes etc.) I'd really love a water PROOF formula in these colors. And, then there is the "can only get it online" aspect. Oh don't get me wrong, I adore this stuff and I'll continue to buy it online no question - it's my very favorite mascara. But I'd love it if I could go out and buy this locally, so I could pick up a new tube when I'm out running errands and not have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. I'm a sucker for instant gratification, what can I say? 

Overall these are really nice mascaras. Yes, they could be better in terms of water resistance... but I'll deal with that for the ability to have my lashes enhanced in a way that looks natural, not harsh. You'd have to weigh your own needs/preferences to determine if the runny mascara is worth it for you. (And again, it might not even be a problem for you, my eyes just water a lot...)

I give the JFR Mascara Naturelle 4 of 5 stars and would definitely recommend it to my fellow natural redheads who are searching for a natural looking mascara! JFR offers a couple other formulas of mascara that I have not tried that you may want to consider as well. Also, even if you are not a redhead but a fair complexioned blonde who wants a more natural looking mascara, a couple of JFR's shades might work for you too!

If you'd like to check out the JFR products, check out their web site at

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