Friday, August 13, 2010

Cute Nail Art Kit

I went to the mall yesterday to get a birthday present for my nephew, who just turned 1 year old. His party is tomorrow. I kinda can't wait! Anyway, when he was born we promised my niece that any time her brother got presents, she would too. She had 9 years to get used to being an only child when her brother came along so this is just our way of making sure she knows she is still just as important and loved as before her little brother arrived. So since I was in Claire's (to pick up a couple Mood Polishes for myself, finally! Yes, swatches and whatnot to come soon!) I decided to see if I could find a little something for her there. I was a bit lost as to what to get for her and I ended up asking the girl working there for some help. (She was very cool, for the record, and we chatted the whole time I was there as if we were friends.) She showed me this cute little nail art kit, and I decided that it was probably right for my niece. She's celebrating her 10th birthday soon, so she's too young for makeup but she's just starting to show an interest in my nail polish stash and having her nails painted, so it seemed perfect! 

When you open up the kit, on the left hand side there's a set of "tips" on a presentation board. They don't come off, so they are not fake nails for little girls to wear, it's just like a display wheel to show off their designs. There is also a set of stencils. 

This is the right hand side upon initially opening the kit; not really anything to say about this, it's just cute little characters saying what their favorite nail art is like, to give the girls some inspiration I guess. lol

Then when you open the third fold of the kit, there is a set of "mixable" nail polishes, an emery board, three small brushes, a couple jars of rhinestones and glitter, and a little palette for mixing colors. The box says there is a cuticle stick in there too, I'm guessing it must be hiding under the emery board. I'll find out when the kiddo opens it.

And the final thing on the right is a guide book with some simple nail art ideas with step-by-step pictures on how to do them, and a guide to mixing the colors to achieve other colors. There is also a sketch pad which is actually really cute, the pages each have a hand on them so that nail designs can be sketched onto the nails as a trial run of designs before actually doing them with polish on your nails. Wouldn't mind having one of those little sketch pads myself, on a slightly larger scale and with varying nail lengths and shapes of course. :p

This kit is just so cute, it was $15. I think it's a really great kit for younger girls who are just getting into nail polish/nail art, considering it's got just about everything they need. I think it'd be nice if the "tips" it comes with could actually be worn (they are very securely attached to the "board") but I guess I can just buy her some plain tips that she can design and then wear if she likes it. =)

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