Sunday, August 22, 2010

ACT Nail-Pop Nail Polishes

My aunt came to visit this weekend and she came bearing gifts. Among them was this adorable set of nail polishes for me! 

(All photos are indoors with flash.)

I've never heard of this brand before, so I don't know where they are sold or what the prices are like. I'd have to guess that they are among the lower priced polishes geared toward younger girls/tweens. *shrug* 

But anyway on to this set. The polishes are packaged to look like lollipops (hence the nail "Nail-Pop") and there are three shades of scented nail polish. Sorry to go off topic again and so soon but this really has to be said right now! Speaking of scented nail polish I'm happy to see this trend making a comeback - but I wish the scents were as amazing as those of the 90's; all the scents today are kinda "eh" to me. Back then there were scents like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine - lots of florals and some fruity scents and there were a few that were scented like popular perfumes of the time! The few available now are so uninteresting compared to that - grape, cotton candy, margarita... no thank you. Not to mention the scents back then would seriously last till you took the polish off - they didn't fade with each passing day, they had some serious lasting power! My very favorite (made by Townley, a sandalwood fragrance) I managed to make survive for TWO WEEKS and even then the only reason I took it off was because it was chipped, the fragrance was still going strong! I loved that one so much I left a bit in the bottle and would franken polishes in that bottle literally for YEARS and finally just got rid of it last year when at last the fragrance no longer lasted. I'm talking 10+ years I had that bottle and up till the last year that I had it the fragrance would still last several days despite having been frankened numerous times and being so old. That's amazing to me. The ones (that I have tried) today the scent starts to fade away within 24 hours after painting your nails and dwindles away to nothing pretty quickly. *sigh* I do find it amusing though that they're making a comeback, as a year or two ago I made mention of them on a couple makeup forums and said I missed them, and nobody seemed to have ever known they existed (they were SUPER popular in the mid to late 90's, how no one seems to remember this baffles me!) and my posts were met by numerous "Why on earth would you want scented nail polish? That's so stupid!" and even some "Eww, gross!" replies. *Rolling my eyes* 

Anyway. In this set are green (Lime), blue (Blueberry) and red (Cherry) polishes.

There is no identifying label anywhere on the bottles - nothing to tell you what the brand is or what the color is. So you just have to remember on your own what's what. (Good thing there are only three colors. lol)

I wasn't sure about the caps on these polishes. Being so long, I wasn't sure if that would make application easier or if it would be a disaster. And turns out, I really love the handles being this length! It felt a lot more comfortable to me and was easier to control my application than with shorter, more standard sized caps. I think the slender diameter was a huge factor in this as well. 

I decided to make swatching these easier by just doing a different color on each nail. I did two coats of Cherry and three coats for Lime and Blueberry.

Cherry is probably my favorite. It smells as you would probably expect it to - like a sweet, candy cherry (think along the lines of Kool Aid or Jell-O) and the color is lovely. It is very fine red glitter in a clear base. The glitter distributes evenly, and is sheer enough with one coat that it would be perfect for layering but it builds up easily enough that you could probably get totally opaque coverage from it in 3-4 coats if you really wanted to. It applied beautifully, I had no problems with it at all. Being so glittery, it dries to a sort of semi-satin finish, it's primary source of "shine" being light reflecting off the glitter. The clear base provides just enough shine that you could call it a shiny polish, but it does have a slight satin look to it. (If that even makes any sense? :p)

Blueberry is a nice royal blue. It isn't really as metallic as it looks in the pictures, it is ever so slightly metallic but not enough to truly be a metallic. It's just shiny. It, like the cherry, sort of smells like a candy version of blueberry. It was a little bit of a PITA to work with. It starts off sheer, and it's a little streaky. I had some minor dragging with this one, as well. I'd have probably been happier with four coats instead of three to be totally honest, but it didn't look too bad after three so I called it good enough. 

Lime is appropriately enough a pretty lime green color. It has a shiny finish to it, and smells like lime however it also seems to have a powdery under-tone to it so it doesn't just straight up smell like a lime. It's weird - but it smells pretty so it's weird in a good way. Like Blueberry it was a bit of a PITA - sheer and streaky with some minor dragging. Again, four coats probably would have been preferred but I called it a day at three. 

Overall I am happy with these polishes. They're packaged in such an adorable way, and the colors are pretty even if they are fairly standard colors. Even being standard colors, I didn't have anything similar to any of them in my stash so they are all very welcome additions to the family. lol Again, I really LOVE the caps - I wouldn't mind seeing more polishes with caps like these. For me it made application feel a lot easier and more natural somehow. I can't really explain it - but the point is simply that I love the caps. =) The bottles are so simple but very visually appealing to me, the minor troubles with Blueberry and Lime are worth dealing with to me.

I'd have to give this set 3.5 of 5 stars, and would recommend if you like the colors and don't have anything similar in your stash already and are willing to work with the blue and green a little to get ideal application. The scented aspect isn't really a key for me on these, as the scent does seem to fade fairly quickly. (Painted my nails last night and already this morning the scent has significantly faded.) These would totally get 5 stars if the scents were better and longer lasting, and of course if the blue and green applied better.

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