Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swatch - Nicole by OPI Matte

I do not generally like matte polishes; they look fab on others but for me I tend to prefer glossy finishes. But these days, even I have been getting the itch to give matte another try. Rather difficult, since this seems to be a trend my area has not adopted yet. So matte polishes and/or top coats have been impossible to find.

But finally, a couple are available to me locally. The Nicole by OPI Matte line has *finally* been released at my Wal Mart. I mulled over whether or not I really wanted to get a bottle of matte polish - I would prefer a matte top coat to just transform any of my current polishes matte, without having to commit to a bottle of matte color. Since that just ain't happening - I decided what the heck, I'd get a bottle!

There are only 5 colors in this line if I am remembering correctly; I did not make note of the color names but I did notice they are all colors/names from the regular line, simply in matte form. There was a silver, purple, black, dark blue and a teal. I opted for the black. Cause hey, as a fan of black nail polish in general... you just can't go wrong with black. The name of the black polish is Razzle Dazzler - Matte. 

As with all mattes, you must work quickly when applying this polish because - as with all mattes - this dries in a snap. So to avoid dragging/streaking, get a speedy rhythm going when applying this stuff.

This is ONE coat; natural light + flash:

and again but no flash:

None of the polishes are "creme" polishes - as in, they all have that silver shimmer to them. I'm a bit undecided on the silver shimmer - on one hand I surprisingly quite like this polish when again, I don't normally like mattes. Is that because of the shimmer that lends it a slightly more satin than absolute matte finish? I'm not sure. At the same time, I'd really love to try a truly matte polish, minus shimmer.

This polish did apply beautifully though. If you look closely (more noticeable in the picture with flash) there is a small spot on the tip of my pointer finger where it didn't quite cover completely, and then on the middle finger slightly to the right of center there is a line where I had a little dragging - but it's not *too* bad. Practice with the polish will take care of that. But there are not any visible brush strokes as there often can be with matte polishes - it is very smooth and even. Love that about it!

I'm pleasantly surprised by this one and how much I like it. I just might have to try to get the rest of the colors from this collection. =D

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