Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Viva La Nails Sample Pack

I recently discovered that Viva La Nails offers free sample packs to nail/beauty bloggers (and those who do youtube videos) and of course, I *had* to get my sample pack. A girl can never have too many pretty nail art supplies, after all! ;-) If you are a beauty blogger (or youtuber!) click here to see the details on how to request your sample pack.

Considering that they are based in Europe, I got my order very quickly. (I've had to wait around for other packages from Europe for *months* - not pleasant!) I placed my order on June 26th and had the package in my hands on July 12th. Again ladies, if you have never purchased anything from "across the pond" before and this sounds like too long of a wait, it truly isn't. 

I was surprised by how much there was in the pack! It almost felt like Christmas going through it to see everything! lol My pack included water decals, stickers, rhinestones, dazzlings (which are also referred to as "sprinkles", depends on the brand I guess) glitters, and more very fun, pretty stuff. 

So of course this has meant I've done my nails three times in as many days. LOL I normally don't do my nails more than two or three times a week max, but... with so many pretty new things to try out, it is very difficult to leave my nails alone right now. :p Following are my first designs utilizing some of the products from the sample pack.

I decided to start simple with this one, which was truly lovely, I might have to do this again soon. I used a couple water decals and accented each of them with small pearls (oh my goodness those tiny pearls... I am in LOVE!) and then I used rhinestones to create a flower under the butterfly decal. You can't see it very well in the picture but I finished off that rhinestone flower with a pearl in the middle. I couldn't resist! ;-)

For the next design I really had no idea what to do, I just wanted to try the crushed shell very badly. I also decided to use some of the gold glitter, and I used one of the heart shaped rhinestones too. Ok, it might not be pretty. But it was fun regardless, and gave me a chance to try the shells. I am on the fence about them. It's a product I've been curious about for some time but I've never known just what to do with it. I'll have to try to come up with something better in the future. One thing that I didn't like with the shells was the fact that they felt rough on my nails. They snagged several times on clothing and towels, and they were a little stubborn to remove. I'll have to try them out again to make any decisions on how much I like them but for the moment, I think crushed shells are not my thing in nail art.

And the last design I have for today is back to something simpler. I used some cute little flower stickers - these are honestly the BEST nail art stickers I have ever used. Without a doubt. Usually the stickers are kind of "stiff", and they can be hard to place on the nail and pop up quickly and don't last very long. These ones are nice and flexible though so they adhere perfectly to your nails. Just like those adorable little pearls, I LOVE the stickers! I also incorporated some glitter; the specific product you'll want to look for on the Viva La Nails web site is the "Flitter". It's the strips of glitter. Which I am a fan of, by the way. I added some of it to this design for an unknown reason, I just felt compelled to do it. And I am loving how it turned out. I added a couple little bits of the middles of the punched star dazzlings, just to add a little something extra to the ring fingers. (Thumbs got 'em too.) 

I still have so many more things to try out from my sample pack, but so far I am very impressed with most of it. You can be sure that many upcoming NOTD posts will be designs that incorporate one or more of the products from the sample pack. 
Thank you, Viva La Nails, for the fantastic opportunity to try out these great products!

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