Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have to say, this is the most unique tag I've seen.Lourdes from Vice Beauty tagged me recently, so here is my response! The hard part of this one was having to think up new questions - I'm lousy at that. lol

Here's the deal: I answer these 8 questions then come up with 8 more and tag someone else. They have to answer those questions then create 8 of their own and tag someone else. Enjoy!

1. Which makeup line do you feel is the most overhyped?
 Only one huh? LOL hmmm. I'm gonna go with Cover Girl. I've tried SO many products from them that I hear others raving about all the time and I'm never happy with any of it.

2. If you could spend $1,000 in ONE makeup line only, which would it be?
Beauty From The Earth. I've been so impressed with everything, and their customer service is fantastic. 

3. What is your favorite color story season? (Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday)
 Spring. I'm a fan of softer, more natural looking makeup (for myself) so the softer shades typically found in the Spring collections really appeal to me.

4. Which makeup line were you skeptical about until you tried it?
 Mark. I really wasn't sure with their prices they'd be worth it but I've really loved everything I've gotten from them so far. They're definitely a great bargain. (This is great news for you, Lourdes, once I am able to do some makeup shopping again! lol)

5. Follow the trends or make your own?
I've never been a fan of trends; I much prefer to just do what makes me happy. If that happens to fit in with a current trend so be it, but if not oh well. I'm not concerned with what's "in" and what isn't. 

6. What is your least favorite aspect of beauty that isn't hair removal? ;)
The trial and error (and lost/wasted money) involved in finding the right shades of foundation/concealer. And then you finally find what's right for you and bam! They discontinue it and you have to start all over. ugh. 

7. If you could make your own makeup line, what would it be called?
That's a tough one; I really don't know. Celestial Cosmetics, maybe.

8. Pick one: A haute couture dress made just for you or a makeup shopping spree?
Makeup shopping spree. I'm the kind that's much happier with being able to get lots of little things rather than just one bigger item.

Now, I'm going to tag Mellie, Emily, and Nicole. You, ladies, have the following questions to answer. ;-) 

1. Where do you get your beauty inspiration?

2. What is the best advice you can offer others regarding beauty?

3. Do you like to be among the first to try new products/collections, or do you prefer to wait it out to see what others have to say about them before you will consider making a purchase?

4. In your opinion, what is one beauty investment that is really worth paying some extra money for a better product instead of opting for a cheaper alternative?

5. What is one brand that you love but others don't seem to care for?

6. Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

7. If you could only buy makeup from one brand for the rest of your life, what brand would you choose and why?

8. Is there a specific product out there that everyone seems to love but you can't get it to work for you even though you would really like to love it?

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