Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two New Polishes

Just a heads up that I will have new swatches soon. I picked up two new polishes today though you will probably never guess WHY. 

I got Wet N Wild Craze in "Nocturnal" (#238) and Petites in "Solar Yellow" (#516)

In the bottle:

Solar Yellow is a pretty softly shimmery golden buttery yellow. Looks like it may have a slight metallic finish to it.

Nocturnal is a creme almost-black navy blue.

Again, I'll be swatching these soon but before that happens, they have a different use... 

I got these to finish painting a design on my niece's piggy bank! She got one of those "paint your own" ceramic piggy banks a while back and she wanted me to help her with it; which basically meant we painted the base colors together then she wanted me to do all the designs. The paints that came with the bank were just the primary colors (no black or white though) and for some parts of the design she wanted the colors that came with the bank just would not work. So I busted out the nail art polishes - figured it couldn't hurt to just try. When that worked out well I was tickled because I knew that I could go get a couple more colors of nail polish to finish off the design. Oh, what a great excuse for nail polish shopping! LOL So today I picked up the last two colors I need to complete the design and soon I'm going to sit down to finish painting the piggy bank for her. She doesn't know I've got the last colors I need so it being finished will be a surprise for her the next time she comes to visit. =)

(And yes, I will share pictures of the completed piggy bank once it's done, but you'll have to look for those pictures on my other blog - I'll share the link when it's done so you don't miss it.)

I'd been wanting to try something from Wet N Wild's Craze line of polishes for a while now anyway so... what a great excuse eh? ;-)

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