Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sedona Lace your Face with NV Beauty

This is my third and final entry for Nicole's contest on her blog. Click here to check out all the details on the contest. This one is extra special because I had my niece help me out with it. I let her choose which of the photos we would use for inspiration, and then she also helped me pick out which colors I would use and how/where to use them. It gave us a chance to bond and have some fun girl time. =)

The inspiration for this look was this photo:

We loved the colors of the sky in this photo, so that's what the little one and I decided I would focus on for this look. That bright splash of yellow and orange was crucial for the look, and it adds such a gorgeous pop of color to this photo. We also loved the way the pinks and purples muddled together with the blue, kind of a soft contrast to the bright orange and yellow. This look was completely inspired by the sky - and I'm really loving how this look turned out. =)

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