Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sedona Lace your Face with NV Beauty

This is my second look for Nicole's contest on her blog. There are two great prizes from Sedona Lace. Just click HERE to check out her blog and for all the details you need to know to enter the contest.

My inspiration for this look was this photo:
I love the lush greens in this photo and how they blend so well into the reddish brown hues of the landscape, so that's what I wanted to play up with my look. I used some brown (with green glitter) in the crease and added some red to the outer portion of the crease to reflect the red-brown tones from the picture. I used some soft blue along the lower lash line to pull in some of the sky hues from the picture but I kept that low-key because the green and brown were my main focus for this one. I also used a soft pink-blue duo chrome color to highlight the brow bone and inner corner, again to pull in a soft touch of the colors of the sky in this photo. 

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