Friday, June 18, 2010

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

I didn't take pictures of the bottle. I was too preoccupied with getting pictures of the pretty flakies. lol 

This color is everything I hoped it would be based on all the pictures I've seen from others. And believe me when I tell you that pictures don't do this baby justice! 

I've not yet tried this polish on it's own. I want to, but it just seems far more suited to layering. And it's best over deep, dark colors. Think black or rich jewel tones, dark earthy colors... those are the colors you want to layer Hidden Treasure over. 

I think this is the first manicure in like a year that I have not felt a need to embellish the nail polish in any way. =)

I alternated Misa "Denim & Lace" (purple; 4 coats) with Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here" (grey; 3 coats) and then applied one coat of Hidden Treasure. In the pictures, Hidden Treasure doesn't really show up much over Denim & Lace but it's much more visible in person.

All photos were taken outdoors in natural light (shade), no flash. (Pictured with top coat.)

Oh yes, this polish is a must have indeed. Sadly it's LE, and it was released back in April. So it might be a little hard to find by now. It's been kinda hard to find all along. But if you happen to see this one... definitely get it! I'm hoping I can get another bottle or two myself, it's just that gorgeous. =D

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