Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I felt inspired by Emerald Sparkled's recent NOTD and decided to do a "slim funky french" of my own. =) My tips wound up being a little wonky; I did my nails last night while sitting on my bed watching a movie with my niece who felt a need to keep bouncing around lol so the tips aren't perfect but I'm cool with that. Nothing in life is ever perfect right? :p 

I used Finger Paints "Psychedellic Pop" (2 coats) for the base color and then did the tips with Color Club "Revvvolution". And being me, I couldn't leave it at that so I added some pretty white/holo star sprinkles. 

As a totally unrelated side note, I took my niece to Rite Aid today in search of more Silly Bandz to add to her collection but they didn't have any; so she got a doll instead and then I had to check out the nail polish. I picked up two Sinful Colors polishes (Nail Junkie and You Just Wait) and... drumroll please.... they had one bottle left of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Hidden Treasure! *squeal* If you recall I was not impressed with the Complete Manicure color I picked up when the line was initially released; however I've seen SO many gorgeous photos of Hidden Treasure... I had to have it. (I've also seem some photos of other colors from the line that look stunning. I just might have to give this line a second chance and pick up a few more colors!) I looked all over for it and nobody has ever had it. I almost didn't go down the last aisle today (there was something else I was going to get) but I decided to check it out anyway and as soon as I saw Hidden Treasure I snatched it up right away and decided the other thing I'd been planning to get would wait. (Only took cash with me so I HAD to stick to the budget lol.) There will be swatches & pics later this week for all three colors. =)

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