Monday, June 7, 2010


I decided to do a very soft fade and then embellished the heck out of it. lol 

The base color used for this look was Zoya "Piper". Then I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Rose-a-go-go" to do a fade at an angle on the tips. Then I layered some Pure Ice "Don't You Wish" over the SH and slightly further down over the Zoya just a bit, and added a couple more layers of it as a fade as well so the glitter is more concentrated on the tips. And then of course I finished it off with some rhinestones placed sort of randomly but not really :p haha. I used some large and small clear rhinestones and some small light pink ones as well. 

I like the fade on this one, because of the subtlety of it. Fades tend to be more dramatic, and I just wanted something different from my usual fades, and I figured what better way than to pair two colors that are similar enough to go well together but just different enough for a soft faded look? The fade is noticeable without being dramatic. (And then I go and add the glitter and rhinestones, I know. :p Hey, I like sparkle. Don't judge me. haha)

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